Kindred Kapwa Productions crafts stories and creates harmony using film, new media and online courses.

Our mission is producing BIPOC focused stories in traditional and new mediums that empower BIPOC and promote diversity. 

“Kapwa” is a Filipino cultural concept of interconnectedness whereby other people are not “others” but part of a whole.

Kapwa also means fellow human; togetherness; community and harmony with other people.

Featured Work


The Patrick Salaver Project​

As I write the third draft of my uncle’s incredible life story, my intention has grown from merely honoring him to sharing his truths on cultural identity, institutionalized racism, the decolonization of immigrated people, and the power of solidarity.


Cultural Kultivators Podcast

Listen and learn from Filipino American thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and artists who are making a positive impact in their respective fields.


“Love and Corona” Short Film​

Through the lens of an introverted Asian American woman, “Love and Corona” is a contemporary commentary on loneliness, love and obsession in this post COVID world. 

Balay Kreative​

Balay Kreative Studios is a pop-up art studio, streaming hub & maker space in the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District of San Francisco.

Our Services​

Our services include creative strategy, writing services, film production and event production.


Kindred Kapwa creates original and branded content for all mediums. We specialize in BIPOC driven storytelling. We work with talent and clients from all around the world.

Motivational Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

She is available to speak and facilitate at corporate team building events, college functions and artist/community spaces. 

Online Workshops

Her experiential online course includes bi-weekly Zoom group calls, reflective writing exercises, guided meditation techniques, and manifestation basics to help participants get out of their own way and manifest their deepest desires.

Podcast Producer

Nicole oversees the entire production process, ensuring deadlines are met and maintaining the overall quality and consistency of the podcast.

We also offer intersectional online courses on BIPOC empowerment, decolonization and utilizing the law of attraction to manifest joy and heal ancestral/generational trauma.

Kind words from the community

Meet Nicole Maxali

Nicole Maxali is a San Francisco-based filmmaker, writer, producer, event manager, and international motivational speaker with over twenty years of experience in the creative and entertainment realm. Her expertise spans directing short films, solo performance, new media production, film acting, screenplay writing, and stand-up comedy.

No longer waiting for permission, she started her own production company called “Kindred Kapwa” during the global pandemic. “Kapwa” in Tagalog means interconnectedness, togetherness & harmony with other people. Kindred Kapwa creates community using film, media, events and online courses.